Sébastien Vercammen — A Product Owner & Full Stack Software Engineer from Brussels, Belgium, specializing in online platforms.

Sharing ideas and tips on my blog and random thoughts on Twitter. Full résumé is available on LinkedIn.

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A-Z Project MVP

Develop a minimal yet viable version of your vision. A delicate balance.

Focus on business result and iteration.

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Double Evaluation

A second opinion on your plans prevents future headaches.

Measure twice, cut once. Get 80% of the benefits for only 20% more effort.

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Bug Hunt

Everything's on fire 🔥 and everyone is yelling. No time to waste.

Being on the outside makes it easier to see, and calmly fix, the problem(s).

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Projects completed for

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Vlaams Centrum Voor Agro- & Visserijmarketing
Daddy Kate
Hello Agency

Some of my recent work

built the eSports Tournament Hosting Platform MVP for a Hong Kong-based startup.

...surpassed 100 million visitors on my websites.

...reworked RocketMap’s database code, improving performance by 217,93%, and fixing database locking issues (PR #2464).

...built a web API replacement for RocketMap’s Flask/werkzeug, improving performance by 9231%.

...maintaining long-term sustainability for RocketMap with devkat.

...raised € 1553 with a charity fundraiser for The Ocean Cleanup.

...reworked RocketMap’s proxy testing, improving speed by 30%+ and reducing resource usage (PRs 2118, 2147).

...passed 140 personal contributions as maintainer and lead developer for RocketMap.


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